Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A walk with the corgis.

I took an early spring walk with Gwen and Stella today. The weather was almost warm... if only the wind would stop but the sun was shinning and the corgis where thrilled to be at our favorite place to walk. Actually it's my favorite place. They'd walk anywhere.
I come to this place at least twice a week year round. I only stay away when the snow gets too deep and the temperature get too low for a minimum of comfort.
The lands around the Neponset River were settled by the first white men because the river afforded them transportation and power. Paper was first manufactured in East Walpole in the mid 1700s. The Native Americans held the section of river that flows through Walpole as sacred. Three separate tribes came together during the summer to worship, hunt and fish without conflict. It's the only place in North America where that was known to have happened.
Note: This video was taken with a Flip Video Camera. It's fun!