Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Not that there's anything wrong with that....


This morning's Boston Herald carried a front page photo of Boston's own Tom Brady signing autographs for a a crowd of kids at Gilette Stadium where he performs the quarterback duties when not injured; as he's been this season.

Now that's a handsome man eh? I'd do him. Heck I'd convert for him. At a local sports pub recently a straight male friend proudly and loudly announced that he'd happily have Tom's baby. Several heads bobbed down the bar. One hand went up. It would be hard to think there's anything Tom Brady could do to lose his place on the pedestal built for him by his faithful New England fans.

It's in that spirit hat I tell you that today talk radio was alive with one question... "Don't you think Tom looks gay in that sweater?" The white collar and cuffs peeking out of the sleeves of his sweater where discussed. The Vanity Fair photo of Tom cradling a baby goat was mentioned as a clue to Tommy's real sexual preference. The thing that was missing from the discussion was rancor and sarcasm. I may be a bit thick skinned. In the past I have been accused of seeing the world thru rose colored glasses but I do know how people can be. This simply was not a gay hating converstion I would have expected!

IMHO the legalization of gay marriage has changed the way GLBT people are regarded here in the Bay State. It's been 5 years since the SJC ruled that when it comes to marriage separate is not equal. Massachusetts has not become "the Las Vegas of gay marriage" as former Gov Mitt Romney predicted. The total number of gay marriages has leveled off at 1,500 per year or 4% of all marriages in the state. The sky has not fallen and Massachusetts still ranks first for having the lowest divorce rate in the nation. Here in my working class neighborhood most families have had a gay wedding in the last 5 years. People have become much more tolerant. I think it's important for gays and lesbians to realise that when your state finally legalizes marriage-for-all a river of human respect begins to flow. It's not just about saying I do. It's about society saying welcome to the table. Have a seat.

And there's nothing wrong with that.


Gary Bearden said...

Jane, I had heard you last week on Archerr radio. I was very impressed. Monday, December 15th, Archerr said that December 15th was your birthday. Happy Belated Birthday. Your grandson is cute. I hope that you can be on Archerr's gangbang again.

I am a 61 year old gay male living in Downtown Dallas.

I am going to keep reading your blogs.


"mzgroomerzig" said...

It's/ was your birthday. Happy belated birthday to you!