Saturday, December 13, 2008

Halcyon Days

Franklin had his way with me today. As it should be. That's what Grammies are for. The pic above shows him exploring the world of the dog woman. He has decided he loves crates and would be very happy climbing in, shutting the door, opening the door and crawling out over and over all day. Eventually the dogs needed their sleeping quarters. He was very gracious and found he could do the same trick with the kitchen cabinets.

My house is happily trashed. I'm exhausted. My plan for the night is call for some Chinese food and take my pillow and blankie to the sofa and crash. The rubble will wait till tomorrow.

I never expected having a grandchild would be so satisfying. I had his father at age 22 after a short and singular bout of baby fever. My young husband went along... or as I remember he was bowled over by my baby Nazi energy and 10 months later James joined us here on the planet. I am not the type of woman who fawns over every baby I see. Babies are nice but frankly I am fine watching from here ... across the room. I was a good Mom though totally out of my element when James was an infant. As he grew I got my sea legs and we where off and running. Little James and I made a good team. I never talked baby talk to him. I remember complaining to my months old child when Ford pardoned Nixon. I swear he understood my rage. In no time he was speaking in full sentences. A verbal child. I had a yellow bike with a baby seat and we rode all over the idyllic little Cape Cod town we lived in at the time. We where beachcombers, beach bums and regulars at Ron's Coffee Shop, the yellow bike propped against the railing outside. He was my sweet pal and I never wanted or expected another thing from the baby goddess.

My son and his wife had been married for 5 years when they announced their pregnancy to a surprised and happy family gathered round the Thanksgiving table. I was speechless! They had never expressed a desire for a child nor do they lead a life that naturally lends itself to raising a family. They have big jobs, a big group of unmarried friends and a hobby that eats up all their spare time. I was very happy but could not for the life of me figure what all this meant or how it would change my life and view of the world.

The upshot is that now I feel truly rooted in the family of humankind. I can see my grandmother and my father in his movement and essence. He looks just like my handsome young husband did at this age. He smells like his own Dad did. At times I am transported back to those halcyon days in Chatham when I was young, beautiful, strong and when life seemed endless and tasted of salt air. I understan the continuum and how one life leads to the next and so on and so on. I know when I'm gone there will be a man who will see me in the face of his own child. Better yet he will remember me and this day when he trashed my house and crawled in and out of the dog crates. If he doesn't actually remember he'll have the photos to prove this day happened when Grammy Jane was still on the planet with him. I know he'll say we were good pals.


"mzgroomerzig" said...
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"mzgroomerzig" said...

Hi Jane.
(take 2. I tried to cut down on the words- but I'm still too wordy. Oh well.)

I happened to catch you on Archers "Gang Bang" while I was working away in my mobile grooming van, grooming dogs. That's what I do. I was so excited to hear someone else in the dog industry and who's life was surrounded by dogs. Then I heard you were going to start a blog and maybe a podcast after that.

I've been whirling these ideas in my head for the last 3 years as I listened to podcasts while doing my work in my van. I just started a blog too "mzgroomerzig" and the title is "How did loose dog hair embed there?"

Check out my blog if you want. It's brand new and I hope to expand, maybe into a podcast or vidcast while working because my work involves things people might find unusual.

RambleRedhead said...

I heard you on Archer's show and thought you were great!

Hope you will be back on the show soon!

Hope you will check out mine as well and look forward to reading your blog!