Friday, December 12, 2008

I cleaned up the pups and set up two comfy sleeping crates for tonight. I took up the old tarp and put down a new one and only covered half the pen with papers. It's time for these little critters to learn that there's a right place and a wrong place to do their business. I've cut down on the size of the meals they get. It seems to have cured the loose stool problem. Tomorrow I'll give them all their first shots and second wormings.
I will never get tired of this. If I could do this till I was 90 yrs old I would. I'll have to find a handsome dyke handler to show my dogs tho. I could live with that!
My son James just dropped off Franklin to stay for the night. A big New England ice and wind storm last nite knocked out electricity to millions of homes. He and Andrea are going to stay at the house with a kerosene heater borrowed from Andrea's Dad. This is their first week in their new house and they are worried about the pipes bursting. Temps are forecasted to drop to the teens tonight. I am just south of the ice snow line so Franklin will be warm and safe here with Grammy Jane till things right themselves. Wow! I have 8 babies under this roof tonight!

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