Friday, December 12, 2008

Wicked Full Moon!

Here we go. Or here I go rather. This is the plan. If I can bog 5 days a week for a month then I will move forward with my plans to do my own podcast! I was a guest on ArcherRadio gang Bang last night and it was so fun and everyone was so encouraging.
The photo is of my niece Maddy finishing her IKEA Cinnamon Roll today. This is a tradition for us. We have been going to IKEA together for years. When she was a tiny tyke she would play with the other kids at Smaland. Often I would take her just because she wanted to go... I'd browse around till the pager called me back to pick her up. These days we mostly go if I need/want something but the Cinnamon Roll is a must no matter how busy we are.
I have a full litter of 6 week old Pembroke Welsh Corgi pups on the ground. I am interviewing families. I hope to have all but two of them in loving homes by January 12th... my Dad's birthday. This may take some creative marketing. This is the first time in 20 years that I haven't already interviewed and chosen parents for the whole litter at this point. More on that as the month progresses. I was telling the "gang bangers" last night that I started showing dogs as part of 4H Junior AKC Handling Club when I was 13 ys old. My Dad chose the breed for me and he found a well bred litter (double Jed Jacket grandchildren!!!) AKC CH Willette's Red Jacket was the top winning Pembroke Welsh Corgi in 1965. He held that record till 1987 at least! So my entre to the dog world was with a dog I was very proud...... the way only a dog crazy 13 yr old girl can be. I carved Jane loves Schuyler in the maple tree in our back yard. Oh Lord! My older sister couldn't wait to drag the whole neighborhood into our shady yard to see it. The only reasonable course of action was to hold my head up high wrap my freckled arms around Sky's beautiful red and white neck. I was hard to shake when it came to my dog.
It's going to be a bitter cold night here in the Greater Boston Area. They are predicting a low of 19 degrees. The sky is clear and the full moon is unbelievably bright!! My son told me it's the brightest full moon we'll have all year. He called me tonight to ask if he, his wife and baby could come here for the night as they have no electricity. A dangerous ice storm blanketed northern MA and the rest of New England last night. Then high winds blew in from the north (we call that the Montreal Express here in Boston) and down came all the tree limbs. What a mess.
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